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Black Jesus

Black Jesus, programa do bloco Adult Swim, do Cartoon Network, está no topo da lista das séries norte-americanas mais polêmicas de 2014. Além de negro, o protagonista da produção fuma maconha, cultivada em um subúrbio de Los Angeles. Cinco meses antes de sua estreia nos Estados Unidos, a série já chamava a atenção, revoltando cristãos mais conservadores, que a acusaram de blasfêmia. JOÃO DA PAZ

O ator Gerald Johnson no papel de Jesus em Black Jesus (Divulgação/Cartoon Network).

Black Jesus mostra o trabalho missionário de um Jesus negro (Gerald Johnson) na periferia de Los Angeles (EUA). Com seus ‘discípulos’, ele busca um espaço no bairro de Compton para plantar um jardim de maconha, droga que defende e usa. Ao mesmo tempo, aproveita para espalhar ensinamentos baseados em passagens bíblicas.

Black Jesus” on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim is an impostor of the original black Jesus — the one created by an author in 1999 (not the Bethlehem one) … according to a new suit. TMZ

New York author Saint Solomon says “Black Jesus” — the live action comedy on TV — picks up where his short story titled “Thank You, Jesus” left off. He says the TV character is just like the protagonist in his story — black, homeless, and named Jesus.

In his lawsuit, Solomon says his story ends with his Jesus being kicked out of the house to go live on the streets, and he believes episode 1 of “Black Jesus” picks up the tale 15 years later.

According to the docs … there are other similarities, like the fact TV Black Jesus has a friend who is always trying to get rich quick, just like in the short story. And both Black Jesuses dress the same, curse a lot and drink booze.

The show puts the Son of God in modern-day Compton, where he curses, hangs out with drug dealers, changes bottled water into cognac, and smokes blunts. JAMES PONIEWOZIKTIME

Black Jesus is not the first comedy to reimagine Jesus Christ for laughs: Monty Python’s Life of Brian did that, and so did Saturday Night Live last year with its “Djesus Uncrossed” sketch. It’s not the first fiction to imagine Jesus returning: South Park did that from the beginning. (So did Dostoevsky’s “The Grand Inquisitor” in The Brothers Karamazov, albeit with fewer jokes.) It’s not even the first TV show with a “Black Jesus”: Family Guy got there years ago. (Even a pot-smoking Jesus has already been introduced, weirdly, by a Seattle restaurant ad last spring.

Offense is subjective–I can’t tell someone whether to feel disrespected by Black Jesus, and as a nonbeliever I’d be a hypocrite to try. There’s an argument that the fact that someone makes a religious spoof, knowing believers might be offended, is de facto disrespectful of those believers. And there’s the counterargument by Christian author Jay Parini that, like Black Jesus, the Biblical Jesus was also criticized for hanging out with sinners, partiers and prostitutes (not to mention tax collectors).

João 20:29 , Jesus diz: “Bem-aventurados os que não viram e creram”.

But the joke here is not really on Jesus so much as people who don’t want to hear the modern version of his message. Johnson, despite his Sunday-School-pageant getup, plays Jesus as an expansive, wide-armed fountain of love, who exudes goodness even when he gets pissed off, because that’s who he is: “I still love your bitch ass! By default, too!” It’s the unbelievers who get laughed at, like cynical landlord Vic (Charlie Murphy), who believes Jesus is a hustler and a fake. (The series, by the way, is pretty clear that Jesus is the real deal–at least, we see him read minds and heal by touch, though he insists, “I ain’t in charge of miracles. That’s Pops!”) Black Jesus may be crude and irreverent, but it’s most interested in mocking a world in which Jesus’ message perpetually won’t fly.

To recap: that’s Jesus and a crew of disciples, preaching a message of community, beset by cynics and unbelievers… in a garden. There are at least two ways Black Jesus can go from here. It could be a rowdy, funny, even powerful updating of the love-thy-neighbor message–verily, a parable. Or it could be a string of “Son of God N the Hood” jokes.

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