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There are days when our intention when consuming cannabis is to be able to relax, rest and have that moment of peace with yourself. But, at other times, we want to give our energy a boost, unlock creativity or simply get out of the lazy mode. Girls in Green

And our plant, with such diverse possibilities, can be the perfect tool for that. Nowadays, breeders have been doing more and more incredible crosses and generating very specific strains, both for those who want to relax and for those who want a more creative ride. We even said that here on the blog, but it is a question that goes far beyond that Sativa or Indica division, and that also has to do with terpenes and the cannabinoid profile of the chosen plant.

But look, it’s okay if you want to get on and do nothing, see? Also because resting is also a strategy for those who are always in the fight. But, if the desire is a different wave, you can enjoy every second with fun activities to do while you’re high.

Staying active is always important for our body: physical activities induce our brain to naturally engage with neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine – which are responsible for that generalized feeling of well-being that, let’s face it, is delicious! We know that not everyone has the discipline to adopt a daily practice, but cannabis can give it a little boost.

We know that one of the difficulties here in Brazil, due to prohibitionism, is knowing exactly what we are consuming – that’s why the strategy of self-cultivation ends up becoming even more interesting.

A cool tip is dancing workouts: look for the term on YouTube, choose a video with your favorite artist and rock that booty following the steps shown.

Don’t forget the bottle of water, okay?

Awaken your inner artist

A world of colors, textures and lines is always a special place to explore, and you can create your own, with the help of strains like Somango XL, Tangie Dream and Blue Gelato. There are several ways to do this, but some of our favorites are:

E depois come.

With drawing books: mandalas, flowers and several different patterns can be found in illustrations ready for you to color. Just choose the material and let your intuition guide you.

With your own creations: paper and pen are enough for you to unleash your inner Van Gogh. But we recommend going deep into the project and getting your hands dirty – how about a finger painting session?

Collages: stacks of old magazines can be the perfect way to spend time stoned. Assemble very crazy collages to express what you feel, and use scissors without a point (we don’t want to be responsible for any type of accident).

To get inspired before you start: there are several museums offering their collections for online visits during the pandemic, and whoever wants to get into the spirit of the thing, can enjoy and join the creative and cultural tour. Smartphone apps, like Google Arts & Culture and DailyArt, also have incredible features for those who want to expand their knowledge – or spend a lot of time looking at crazy artworks.

Make a movie marathon

Okay, this is pretty classic, but there are some movies that you NEED to watch in the breeze at least once in your life, and we have a ready-made list for you right here. But you don’t have to stick to those recommendations. It’s worth choosing your favorites to watch with a new perspective, or even bet on box office hits – like the classic Star Wars or Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Get in touch with nature

This category is quite broad, and we will explain why.

Especially for those who live in the city, it can be a big challenge to feel connected to nature – even more so in the current context, in which it is practically impossible to be outdoors without wearing a mask for protection. Therefore, for those who can move to a more distant and empty place to enjoy, we highly recommend it! Waterfall, forest, natural parks, streams … but go with care and respect, with the place, with yourself and with other possible visitors.

If you are part of the crowd of urban centers and do not have easy access to places of this type, there is also no problem. You can:

  • Take the day to take care of the plants in the house, or buy some to give a greener air to your environments.
  • Make a vegetable garden with an easy-to-care vegetable and put your hands on the soil. Maybe even take the first steps towards self-cultivation!
  • Take off your shoes and stand on the floor.
  • Sit in the shade of a tree and close your eyes, listening to the sounds of the place that surrounds you.
  • Catch some sun in a window or any other lit corner.
  • Observe the stars in a dimly lit location.

Call a friend to get high with

Getting high with partners is even better! Invite that person you love to have fun with you and enjoy those activities that are even better in pairs or groups, such as playing Uno, board games or video games, watching silly videos, shows by your favorite artists or internet clips, improvising munchies…

Enjoy the company also to have those deep and philosophical conversations about life.

And it is always interesting to find out what the people we like think, get to know their ideas better and even help in building knowledge. After all, we always record memorable phrases that someone said to us while he was high!

Note: if you decide to meet your friends anyway, remember the security measures.

Clean and organize your space

Believe in us (and Marie Kondo): cleanliness and organization are two very important parts of our life, and can work almost like meditation. What about:

  • Cleaning your drawers?
  • Separating clothes that you no longer use to donate to those in need?
  • Moving furniture to make your room different?
  • Testing a new organization on your bookshelves and giving away the ones you’ve already read?

There are several cultures that believe that disorganized spaces or with things we don’t use accumulate stagnant energy, which can negatively influence our mood and even contribute to feeling more depressed. We guarantee that with a smell of disinfectant at home and a clean sheet on the bed, you will feel much happier and more comfortable!

Snoop Dog dançando com pacotes de Maconha lalalala Croma Key Fundo Verde Videos para editar – Memes Croma Key

Sing and dance to your favorite tunes

Singing makes our problems go away, right? Really, it has enormous power in our mood! But our tip today is not simply to listen to that playlist of yours without paying attention. It is putting your favorites to play loudly (it can be on the earphone), feeling the rhythm take over and singing and dancing your way, with no one watching. Release your body, your voice and your emotions.

Also, don’t be afraid to explore new genres, or to enjoy a good instrumental.

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