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How To Make Hash At Home

In scientific terms, hashish is considered an extract and is a concentrated form of cannabis, it is the resin of the marijuana plant that has been extracted and compacted, made up of trichomes, the glands of the marijuana plant that harbor terpenes and cannabinoids such as THC or CBD. Melissa Jaramillo – Herb. 01.18.2023

Hashish does not have solvents and does not depend on chemicals or solvents for its extraction, as is sometimes the case with BHO, shards, waxes and other concentrates, basically it is separated/extracted directly from the plant. There are many types, from the most artisanal, such as charas, to the most complex, such as hash breu, breu floral and full melt ice water hash.

A good indicator that your hash is good is the color, which can range from brown to gold to red and even white.

This is a homemade technique that uses utensils that you can find in your home.

How To Make It?

Bubble Hash


  • Trimmed cannabis
  • Ice water
  • A container
  • A simple strainer
  • A coffee filter
  • An extra large glass bottle


Step 1: Put your weed in a glass container with water and ice. Shake for approximately 3 minutes.

Step 2: Let the glass bottle sit for 30 minutes and remove the excess plant matter.

Step 3: You should see a small amount of sediment at the bottom of the jar. Then pour about 2/3 of the water into the jar. Be sure to pour it slowly to avoid losing the hash at the bottom.

Step 4: Fill the jar to the top with more ice water and let the mixture sit for another 3 minutes. When the mixture has settled, repeat steps 4 and 5 again before moving on to step 7. This will help separate as much of the plant material as possible from your hash.

Step 5: Drain as much water from your bottle as possible without losing the hash. Next, strain the remaining mixture through the coffee filter and squeeze gently to remove excess water.

Step 6: The resulting cool, wet mass is the hash. Let it dry for at least two days after shaping it into the desired form.

Bubble Bags


  • Bubble bags (4-8 bags, between 75-250 microns)
  • Two 5-gallon containers 
  • Something to stir
  • Bag of ice


Step 1: Place the buds, trimmings, and the rest of the weed in a zip-top bag and put it in the freezer overnight to make it easier to break up the trichomes.

Step 2: The next day, prepare the ice and water mixture. Fill a 5-gallon container with a layer of ice, then add frozen weed on top, then add more ice on top of the weed.

Step 3: Next, fill the bucket with enough water to cover the herb and ice. 

Step 4: Let the weed cool in the ice and water mixture for at least 30 minutes to help break up the trichomes. Then help yourself with something long to stir the mixture constantly and facilitate even more breakage.

Step 5: In the second 5-gallon bucket, place the bubble bags in layers: the finer mesh on the bottom and the coarser mesh on top.

Step 6: Pour the mixture of water, herbs, and ice into the topmost bubble bag in the second bucket.

Step 7: Start pulling gently through the first coarser mesh, continue to the finer mesh and gently squeeze each one if necessary to get all the mixture flowing.

Step 8: When you reach the last bag with the finest mesh, spoon the wet hash into a drying sheet.

Step 9: Let the wet hash dry for 3 hours. Give them the desired shape and let them dry for another two days.

Dry Sifting Hash


  • Trimmed cannabis
  • Very fine sieve
  • Parchment paper
  • An old card or cardboard
  • Dry sift made from frozen trim.


Step 1: Place a sheet of parchment paper on a clean surface. The sheet of paper should be slightly larger than your sieve.

Step 2: Place your strainer, which can only be cloth with fine holes, on top of the sheet of parchment paper. Next, place the cannabis in large chunks.

Step 3: With your hands, gently begin to gently move the cannabis through the thin piece of cloth to help separate the trichomes from the plant material. This will start to form a little powder on the parchment paper. 

Step 4: Continue passing the cannabis through this fine sift until you have about a tenth of the material in powder form. 

Step 5: Once you have finished this sifting step, you will need to pick it up and press it. This is where an old card comes into play to form a nice pile on the sheet of parchment paper, pressing it down to form a notepad.

For best results, try freezing the cannabis in a ziplock bag overnight to make it easier to separate the trichomes from the plant material.


Probably the oldest and easiest way to make hashish, this type of hashish is obtained by accumulating a thin layer of resin in the hands, which can be collected, rolled into a ball and smoked after several hours of handling and working with the herb, it is very strong because it is unrefined and contains a lot of plant material.

Interestingly, charas is still done this way in India and Nepal, so it requires virtually no instruments other than hands and cannabis plants.


Undried cannabis buds. Do not use trimmed cannabis.

Very clean hands 


Step 1: Clean hands

Step 2: Take a cannabis bud in your hand and remove the leaves or stems.

Step 3: Place the bud between your two palms and begin to roll it gently in a circular motion. 

Step 4: You will begin to see a thick resin form on the inside of your hands and fingers. This is essentially hashish – the charas. Scrape this hash onto a clean surface and press it down to create a small block or ball.

Rosin, or flower rosin


  • Vegetable paper
  • Cannabis flower
  • Iron 


Step 1: Separate the flowers into small portions of approximately one centimeter.

Step 2: Cut the parchment paper into small pieces and fold them in half.

Step 3: On a piece of paper, insert a bud and, with the hot iron, press for about five seconds.

Step 4: When you open the paper, you will see golden drops of resin around the crushed bud under pressure. Pick up the resin with tweezers and save it. 

Step 5: Repeat the process with each flower several times.

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