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6 Ideas For A Special Weed-Infused Valentine’s Day

Couples who smoke together stay together. In honor of Valentine’s Day 2023, we’re helping our weed-loving friends enjoy the most romantic day of the year. Don’t think you can’t have fun if you’re single; there’s room for everyone in this greenhouse. Rachel Abela – Herb. 02.10.2023

See below for the best ideas for a special marijuana-infused Valentine’s Day. Bonus points if you swap out the traditional bouquet for something a little greener.

Breakfast (and weed) in bed

Wake up a little earlier than your significant other and prepare your favorite breakfast. Before serving, bring something to help “prepare”.

Consider a joint, bong, vape, or pipe to help them get out of bed on the right foot. After all, what’s better than a romantic awakening on Cupid’s favorite day of the year?

A bracing sativa brunch

Not everyone has to wake up early on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have plans, enjoy! Sleep with your boo, slowly get out of bed and head to your hideout for a sweet Sativa to wake and bake.

Once your medicine is ready, head to your favorite brunch spot and eat your first meal of the day. In the wise words of Brian Griffin, everything is better with a bag of weed.

A “special” date

Going out for dinner is overrated to try the newest restaurant in town, consider making your date a little more personal and bringing the perfect date to life.

If your companion is the outdoorsy type, consider a quick session with the best date night tensions, then go skating, skiing or hiking. Does your partner prefer to stay at home? No problem. Make a gift basket of your favorite products and try them out overnight. See below for another stay tip.

Movie Infused Snacks

Whether you’ve just got back from a date or been home all day, a night movie is a must.

See our guide on how to make canna butter and prepare your favorite desserts with a hint of THC. For some tasty and sweet weed-infused foods, check out these recipes below:

You could also take the easy way out and buy a variety of edibles at your local dispensary.

Slide into the room

When things are heating up and you’re ready to get dirty, consider enhancing the experience with a cannabis-infused lube, it’s a little way to spice up your night in the bedroom.

It might sound like a lot, but CBD or THC lubricant is the kind of thing you won’t believe works until you try it. The sensations are heightened, your body is relaxed and there is more slipping and sliding fun throughout the session.

Singles Do It Better

Learn from Bob Marley, no woman, no crying. Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t suck. After all, you will always have marijuana.

Gather your best individual buds and make a Valentine’s Day dinner with sample joints, flowers and edibles to keep everyone excited. Plan a movie marathon and try different products between movies.

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