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The Best Cannabis Stocks Of 2023

If you’re looking to buy cannabis stocks, you might as well be now, the plant is rapidly gaining legal status in many parts of the world. Recreational markets are flourishing in Uruguay and Canada, the United States is also enjoying the commercial crop although it is still federally illegal, thriving overseas cannabis markets such asContinuar lendo “The Best Cannabis Stocks Of 2023”

Uber Weeds

Uber Eats in Ontario, Canada to start allowing weed orders directly through the app. A stoners dream. Weed Thoughts – @weedthotss. Nov 30, 2021 O vídeo conta a História do Uber, como Garrett Camp teve a ideia e junto com Travis Kalanick conseguiram amadurecer e tranformar uma simples ideia em um aplicativo que revolucionou aContinuar lendo “Uber Weeds”